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About Wagah Border
If you’re on lookout for an authentic family Restaurant in Goa serving authentic Punjabi food in north Goa, then the north Indian restaurant in Calangute is at Tangerine Resorts called the Wagah Border. Wagah Border is the only border crossing between India & Pakistan that lies on the G.T. Road between the cities of Amritsar (India) & Lahore (Pakistan). Wagah is the village wherein its eastern half remains in India whilst the other half in Pakistan and this authentic Punjabi restaurant in Goa offer value of money and definitely a treat for taste-buds.

Today, Wagah Border is a symbol of peace, love and friendship, drawing approximate 8,000 visitors every day to witness the culture of 2 divided countries.

>> Punjab - A landscape of sun-drenched cornfields and glorious kingdoms.
>> The land of the five great rivers, on whose banks have blossomed.
>> The passion of the star-crossed lovers, Heer and Ranjha, Sohni and Mahiwaal.
>> You will embark on a voyage of discovery via cuisine from Punjab’s vast geography and treat your senses with the best Punjabi food in Goa

The culture of Punjab which is divided and dispersed amongst two countries, we at Wagah Border Restaurant represent a cultural mix and careful blend of ethnicity through the food of undivided Punjabi cuisine recipes. For the north Indians, their search for a Punjabi dhaba in Goa, ends at Wagah Border.

We create every dish using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Our authentic menu of North Indian food in Goa and the Punjabi dhaba atmosphere create a truly delectable dining experience.

A culinary journey through North-West Indian food and Indian five dining experience in Goa, and then Wagah Border is the place to be. A one-of-a-kind authentic Punjabi Family restaurant in Goa to meet the spicy palate demands.

Exquisite, tongue-tickling North Indian cuisines have proven to be yet another treasure… from a land historically recognized for its renowned riches. Be sure to visit Tangerine Resorts to experience delicious North Indian food and get treated at the Indian five dining restaurant in Goa.

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